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  1. budinoffphotography November 18, 2016 — Post Author

    Thanks for your comments Sheri, I’m glad you found relevance in the photos to things that are part of your life experience. I hadn’t thought about any of the pictures that way before but do understand what you mean. I wonder if Mary Colter had that thought about the spirals in life when she designed the watchtower. Possibly, that was a theme she carried over from the ancient Pueblo watchtowers it was built to resemble.

  2. Sheri Chin November 17, 2016

    I think the brick arches are a great study in perspective as is the Watchtower interior. I love the spiral quality to the watchtower – it matches my view on life in general – how life is a spiral and we keep re-visiting the same themes from a different perspective as we age…But I also like the photo of the abundance of bread. As a person who bakes my bread every week – it truly a symbol of the very basis of life. Breaking bread as a term of honoring another, of sharing the essence of life with another. Baking bread and sharing bread is the very connection we have with family – blood and those we choose to include in a larger sense.

  3. budinoffphotography September 26, 2016 — Post Author

    Thanks for checking out my site David, I had only posted the Studebaker picture this past weekend. I try to add a new photo to each of the seven Galleries each week so check back in a while.

  4. David Vasiloff September 26, 2016

    Bob – great pics. Recognize a few winners from the old photo contests. I love the Studebaker picture and the bread shot – they are very different, but I can imagine being in both places.

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